The difference between the audio and video experience is that the former demands the audience’s imagination and video demands much less. Still, a lot of the attraction of audio these days is simply because one is driving or doing chores and one cannot really focus on a video monitor. Still, the fundamental use of video over the last several decades- with its monumental upgrading of video effects and audio components- puts a little more demand on the audio producer.
In my case, I created several science fiction series, one in the seventies and one in the nineties, long after the golden years of radio were over with. These early efforts demanded that I go out on the street and find advertisers locally. In the second series, I had already worked with some national advertisers and I combined their advertising with local ones. The second series was for children and had listeners, mostly in grade school and junior high, actually interact with an ongoing adventure and win prizes, prizes which were sometimes associated with advertisers.

For quite a number of years, in between these two series, I worked for a popular rock station in Coachella, a Hispanic station that aired from the same studio as the rock station- and a news station. The experience I had with advertisers was very broad. The fact is, unlike many of my colleagues in sales, I loved to do street canvassing and I loved to create my own advertising. Later on, I was fortunate enough to be able to experience a very deep desire of mine to produce and host my own talk shows, which had both national and local advertisers. As always, I helped produce, write, direct and sometimes act in these voiceovers. I still love creating audio although I now have a lot of experience with working with video. The creation of audio has a special dependency on the imagination of the creator as well as the listener and I am still captivated.

There are many projects we can help you within audio, including Radio and Podcast Commercials, Background Sound Effects and Music, Dramatic Pilots or Audio Segments, Directing Actors and Singers in Audio Productions, Podcasts and Audio Segments for Webcasts, Pilot Talk Show Podcasts, or Components for Submission to Networks or Stations, Helping to Create Audio for Voice Over Actors Commercials and Auditions, Public Service Announcements. In general, audio projects or components need to be customized to your project.

Video Portfolio

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On Higher Ground
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Valerie Kanay Talks
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Music Production
by Hasan Khan

Each audio project should contain the following characteristics:

Carefully produced and edited talk, sound effects,
music background, depending on the project
Specially customized scripting when needed
Strong, effective voice-over and background
Persuasive presentation and close, when needed