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Becoming a really good writer demands a special dedication to the craft no matter what type of writing you may be engaged in. But why would a writer need to be rescued?

1. To see if there are any basic flaws in his or her manner of expression.
2. To see if the style of writing conforms to the type of writing involved- in its commercial or artistic intent.
3. To see if its technical format- as in web content- or in the form of rhymed poetry- is carried out properly.
4. To become conscious of the flow of the narrative or document so that it is consistent, appropriately concise and interesting.

Any of these elements- and many others- can hold back the writer artistically or commercially.

Mastering the art of writing- even in a specific context- can be accelerated if there is a friend, a professor or a coach available to help. The difference between a writing coach and others could be a breadth of knowledge of different types of writing or, perhaps even more critically, the power of writing to attract and hold readership. A beginning writer may use a coach to save time and energy in learning to write dramatically or commercially- and to heighten his or her expressiveness. A freelance writer, who writes in different contexts, may need to speed up his mastery of a new writing form.

Writing, in general, means mainly putting words together, sometimes buoyed up by numbers, statistics and illustrations. Yet, there are huge differences between different types of writing. And these need to be considered when writing a press release, a speech, a sonnet or a business book.

There is a huge difference between a technical writer and a more general non-fiction writer, yet the ability to research and write with precision is very similar. Writing an original screenplay and then adapting one into a book- both have dialogue and narrative- but the requirements and understanding for creating a novel or a screenplay adaptation are quite different. Similarly, the lyrics of a song and passages of rhyming verse in a poem do have certain similarities- but there can be huge structural differences- because there are many types of poetry and many types of poems.

Sometimes a writer could use help even if skilled in one of these areas but not the other one. As someone who has written both books and adaptations, I can tell you for sure that the demands of screenwriting are quite different from that of a novel. The time and structure of a screenplay demand a special type of writing, quite different than the of writing a novel. Getting help in this area could be critical- saving time in creating a product that could be lost in the arduous process of researching blogs, books, screenplay samples, etc.- without any real human contact.

For this reason, even a very talented writer in one area may find himself quite obstructed when he advances towards another area. For instance, in writing a 30-60 second video ad and creating a similarly-intended promotion to be included in web content requires a completely different approach. When you are posting something on a website- particularly as a pop-up or an offer intended to win traffic or collect names and an email or an immediate sale- is quite a different process than a video ad. A video if properly done and posted in the right way may be able to hold a viewer for a complete video and this only requires video technology and content. But an ad posted on a website might require a landing page, a free gift, a welcome page and a starting position in a sequence of emails… a type of technology and writing meant to hold a visitor for a matter of seconds.