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Some of my ealiest jobs were in very wide-ranging types of sales- telemarkeingc sales for tickets, long diestance telephone sale to companies, selling encylopedia, multi-level programs. Later on,, I worked as a recruiter and owned a resume bureau as a component to my work in Chamionship Business Services, my own company, where I sold a variety of B2B services like printing, secretarial and advertising. I eventually was also in the Barter Industry, handling a wide-range of geographical areas including part of Utah, New York, Florida, Missouri and Canada where I worked for BXI as Director of Developing Areas. This job involved recruiting companies to join a barter company but also helping to trade goods and service for various members. I eventually became more involved in media sales.. For many years, I both wrote, edited and sold media advertising for magazines like the Downtown Tulsa, Mature Living Magazine, the Business Journal (Palm Springs)., the Palm Canyon and Palm Desert Times In addition to writing, I am also became an experienced talk show host and producer, having developed and produced shows on alternative medicine, business, art and travel. I also produced, wrote, directed and broadcast several science fiction radio shows. I have worked as an account executive for radio stations and magazines and developed commercial accounts for my own radio shows. Sales has been a component of almost everything I have been involved in.


General Sales: Phone and outside sales experience- management recruiting, professional barter, long distance service, solar energy.

Media Sales: Sold radio spots and campaigns, newspapers and magazine advertising, helping to create advertising content; often writing articles directly connected to advertisers, but also general interest articles; sold advertising for my own talk radio shows and dramatic radio series.

Production Experience: Helped supervise production on most of my radio commercials; typically rotated informercial with full produces, often multi-voice comedic spot with sound effects and music; wrote, directed and produced two science fiction radio shows.

Public Relations Products: Experienced in writing articles, blogs, press releases and branding sites to promote products and their creators.

CopyEditing: Have edited magazines, newspapers, ezines, books.

Producing and Hosting Audio and Video Products: Have written, produced, hosted (or acted in) in talk radio shows, two radio series, a podcasting show. Screenwriting, Author and Developmental Editor and Song-writer.


Freelance Writer: My experience includes press releases, resumes and cover letters, advertising copy for radio and Internet, articles, television live-action animation pilots, web content and development, novels, poetry, plays, short stories, songwriting, full length commercial screenplays, front page reporting, writing for magazines and newspapers, editing magazines, newspapers and newsletters and non-fiction books.

2006 CO-FOUNDER WITH IAIN LEGG OF DREAM BUSINESS BOOK CLUB. Three E-books to come out this calendar year: A Dream Business in Magic (about becoming a professional magician), A Dream Business in Hypnosis (about becoming a professional hypnotist) and a Dream Business in the Paranormal (looks at various fields in the paranormal).

2005 ROCKETS AWAY! MEDIA, A DIVISION OF NEW GALAXY ENTERPRISES, LLC Project Manager and Managing Editor of eZine: Helped found and develop multi-media production company, specializing in the promotion of commercial spacecraft. Company has been chosen as provider of news and information on the private space industry to AOL.

2003-2004 PALWIN CORPORATION, Moorpark, Ca: Project Manager: Worked with Paul Winchell, the ventriloquist/author/inventor, in developing a full length screenplay based on his autobiography, WINCH; Edited his autobiography, upon which the film is based and helped promote it through press releases and booking interviews for articles and radio shows. Helped develop edit and/or write, including shopping cart to sell autographed books, DVD’s and photos]

2002-2003 TRADEWORLDNEWS Founder/Publisher/Editor: First stand-alone Internet trade newspaper dedicated to the Barter Industry. Represented extensive knowledge of in-the-field work as a trade representative in the barter industry.

2001-2002 STRATEGIC MARKETING ALLIANCE 2222 E. Nicola Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92262: Owner/Independent Contractor: Worked with another company in creating and distributing press releases.

2002-CURRENT “DANCING IN THE LIGHT”- PART I OF “RUGU” Author: A screenplay/novel project, currently with chapters available in novel form. Still, in development.

2002-CURRENT “SUPERHERO” Screenwriter: “SuperHero” is an action-oriented, adventure story. This is not actual title of script. Will be marketing shortly.

2002 BXI SAN FRANCISCO POB 5230 Palm Springs, CA 92262: Trade Director: Among many other projects, worked on product placement for major film production in San Francisco area.

2001-2002 BXI DEVELOPING AREAS POB 5230 Palm Springs, CA 92262: Trade Director: Was trade director for Toronto, Boise, Chicago, St. Louis, Anchorage and Salt Lake City. Helped revitalize areas, which were neglected for one or more years. Developed Barter Times and Friday Flash newsletters. Worked with over 200 accounts in all areas of promoting businesses to other members.

2000 MILLENNIUM EXCHANGE 777 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs CA (760) 318-2499 Trade Broker/Recruiter: Brokered client base. Brought in hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, graphic design, computer repair, framing, financial services, etc.

1994-1999 AMERICA’S BARTER NETWORK (was in Yucaipa, CA) Varied Positions: Worked from time to time for ABN on various assignments, including recruiting members, brokering, Internet marketing and to Coachella Valley population through various types of media.

1998 MATURE LIVING MAGAZINE Account Executive 255 N. El Cielo, Palm Springs, CA 92262 (760) 320-2221: Account Executive: Developed accounts including Trinidad Thai, Edgardo’s, Ortega Furniture, Delhi Palace, Black Forest Lodge, Cool Masters, Santa Fe Ranch. etc.

1997 PALM CANYON TIMES/PALM DESERT TIMES, 1700 East Tahquitz, Suite 6, Palm Springs CA (760) 325-0631: Account Executive: Print advertising with Sports Fever, Super Taqueria, Nonna’s, Ortega’s Furniture, Don and Sweet Sue’s Restaurant, etc.

1995-1996 SOUND-OFF 3000! Executive Producer/Director/Writer: Based on my son’s idea for an interactive, science fiction adventure series, Sound-Off 3000 was a break-through radio formal, involving a highly produced science fiction adventure (about ten minutes) which would break into a live conversation between children from the 31st century in their starship, Kangaroo, calling Earth’s twentieth century children in a technology given to Earth’s few survivors after the destruction of the solar system. The show was written by me, with my son’s in-puts- and produced by both of us, with the aid of a production engineer who had actually worked on the Green Hornet radio show on WOR. We had a great deal of local scholarship, with Barnes and Noble and Blockbuster Video contributing gifts.

1994-1995 COACHELLA VALLEY NEWS ( Founder/Editor: Founded with his son, John Anthony, the first comprehensive Internet newspaper in Coachella Valley. Covered Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Indio and other desert cities.

1994-2000 NO DAWN WILL BREAK US! Executive Producer/Writer: Massive historical screenplay about the Mexican Art Revolution. Received partial allotment of investment capital that allowed me to develop first stages in project. Successfully approached Madonna through her agent at Creative Artists. Contacted Luis Puenzo, famous Argentinean director about directing film. Puenzo had directed Jane Fonda, Gregory Peck and Jimmy Smits in Old Gringo, a film about the Mexican Revolution, featuring Pancho Villa, one of the many historical characters in my film. Worked with John W. Cones, prominent entertainment securities attorney and author of many books on film financing. Project hampered by incomplete allotment of funds.

1994-1996 STRATEGIC MARKETING ALLIANCE/RADIO TALK SHOWS, 555 South Sunrise Way, Ste. 200, Palm Springs, CA 92264 (619) 320-3198: Produced/ hosted shows on KDES-AM, KESQ-AM, KPSL-AM and KCMJ-AM, including YOU DESERVE IT!, on travel; ARTBEAT, on the arts; DESERT BUSINESS HOUR, on business; NATURE’S WORKSHOP and. JOURNEY TO WELLNESS, on health and SOUND-OFF 3000! children’s science fiction adventure.

1993 BRUNO Screenwriter: Based on a true story of a Palm Springs resident who believes he is the father of a famous comedian, Bruno is a full length comedy/fantasy feature, which is a fictionalized account of a man’s search for his son.

1993 KCLB AM-FM, 19646th Street, Coachella, CA (619) 398-2171: Account Executive: FM Album-Oriented Rock. AM Spanish. Handled Howard’s Economy Furniture, Bremer Hof, Two Guys Panel and Supply, Gardener’s Gallery, Avcor, Sold ads in Rock Report.

1992-1993 KNWZ AM, 74923 Hovley, Palm Desert, CA (619) 346-1270 Account Executive: News and talk format. Worked on radio campaigns, including: B. Lewin Galleries, internationally-recognized Mexican Masters Art Gallery; Culligan Water Systems; Chuck Harder promo for All-Desert insurance; Fred Smith Jaguar, El Paseo Art Walk.

1989-1992 KCHV, ( CHANGED TO KCLB) AM-FM 1964 6th Street, Coachella, CA (619) 398-2171 Account Executive: Collections. FM Album-Oriented Rock. AM Spanish. Sales and Marketing: Wrote, produced, directed and often voiced 30 to 60 second spots.

1988 B. LEWIN GALLERIES Account Executive: Sold art for largest Mexican art gallery in the world; helped with inventory and copyediting advertising.

1988-1989 COACHELLA VALLEY COMMUNICATIONS: Canvassed and sold Long Distance Service throughout the Valley. Handled both large ($3000 or more a month) and small (under $100.00 a month) installations. Did bill analysis and on-site phone checks. Worked concurrently in evenings and weekends in Palm Desert, selling contemporary art for Valerie Miller.

1984-1985 JOE MORA STORY Screenwriter: Worked on another major film project with Tyrone Stewart, a true story of a white artist who was eventually adopted into a Hopi clan.

1982-1983 “CRAZY SNAKE” Producer/Screenwriter: Worked on major film project about Chitto Harjo. Chitto Harjo or Crazy Snake was a Creek medicine person who protested the allocation of Indian tribal territory to individuals. As a form of rebellion, he actually formed his own tribe, instigating events that led to a gun battle with a Sheriff’s posse. According to Lame Deer, a Creek Medicine Man, he may have escaped and survived in Mexico. Accounts differ. Wrote film and produced with Associate. For a time, worked with local lawyers who had worked on offering for Francis Ford Coppola.

1982 “I.D.W.” Screenwriter/Novelist: Written in both novel and screenplay form, a gigantic, epic science fiction story about aliens approaching the nations of Earth with a technology of non-lethal warfare. It is currently being redeveloped.

1981 OKMULGEE DAILY TIMES, Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Front Page Reporter: Hired as a temp reporter, found myself in the thick of a City Hall controversy where the City Manager was fired, a Grand Jury initiated and the US Department of Labor called into investigate. Was on front-page the first day I began and stayed on while the controversy continued.

1979-1980 DOWNTOWN TULSAN, Editor/Reporter: Was front-page reporter for feature-oriented newspaper. Did restaurant, theater and film reviews. Developed front page interview, “The Downtown Tulsan, “featuring prominent local citizens.

1976-1980 “THE ADVENTURES OF GANYMEDE JONES” Producer/Actor Director: Before Star Wars and before the Star Trek Motion Picture series, I tried to launch a multi-media science fiction series on radio, hoping to jump-start interest in the project in other media. To this end, I produced, directed and acted as the protagonist in the series, enlisting a large number of media professionals. It resulted in a very large project that got a lot of local publicity and invaluable experience. The Adventures of Ganymede Jones was about a rough-hewn interstellar warrior who encounters the transformatory powers of an Interstellar Grail. The series generated portion of a film and novel script.

1972 “LIBRA UNCHAINED!” Songwriter: Wrote about ten songs for a musical called “Libra Unchained!” Themes became inspiration for “The Adventures of Ganymede Jones,” radio program that was broadcast in Tulsa in twenty-six different episodes on two different radio stations. Wrote many more songs, in varying modalities, following these.

1970 “NAVIGATIONS” Editor/Creator. An illustrated book about the “Inner Meaning of Space,” was published by Toltec Press. It was a concept idea of mine and featured traditional icons from Babylonian, Egyptian, Chinese, Mayan spaceships with quotations from their sacred literature. Book was published by Rod Kennedy, Jr. and illustrated by Barbara Emmel.

1969-1972 “NEW YORK-THE PSYCHIC CITY” AND “SKYROCK AND THE LIGHT VISITORS.” Author: I wrote two books. The first was written about spiritual/paranormal activities, which were burgeoning in New York in the 1970’s and the second was about Rock and Roll and the Consciousness Movement.

1972 “THE SANDPAPER DRAGON” Playwright: This was a comedy/drama about a corporate headhunter who decides to become a Cabinet maker, to the consternation of his wife and friends and delight of his partner, who acts as sidekick in a roller-coaster ride in small-time entrepreneurship in the Big Apple during the turbulent 1960’s. This was based on some of my true-life escapades when I tried to make it big as a cabinetmaker on Bond Street in New York.

1971-1972 ADAPTATION OF BOOK New York City, NY Screenwriter: I adapted a book, published by Prentice-Hall and dealing with events during the latter part of the Russian Revolution. Several years after participating in this project, I received information that made me doubt the veracity of the story I had adapted. The project was commenced during the time that Columbia’s “Alexander and Nicholas” was underway. This, and the lack of promised forthcoming documentation for the book, rather killed the project, in my opinion. But it was a good experience in adapting the work of another writer and working in the area of epic historical filmmaking.

1969-1970 SCREENWRITING CO-OPERATIVE New York City, NY. Founder/Screenwriter: There were basically four writers involved in this project, many outlines, including those for television series. What came out of it were essentially two completed full-length screenplays, “Escargots,” a film about a Scotland Yard detective who becomes clairvoyant and “Minister Goebbels’ Twilight of Greatness,” a cinema verite fictional documentary of the Hitler’s monstrous Nazi propaganda minister trying to justify his existence.


1979-1980 UNIVERSITY OF TULSA, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Student: Bachelor of Science degree. Communications degree focused on television production, but took courses in Journalism, Advertising, Broadcast Speech, Acting, Dialects for Actors, FCC Law, etc.

1967-1968 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, School of Continuing Education. Student: New York City, NY Student: In Columbia, I began to study Middle Eastern literature and Persian language, partially as a result of my studies of Rumi and my quest for more satisfying answers. It was during this period that I began to develop a screenwriting co-operative.

1963-1966 ST. JOHN’S COLLEGE, Annapolis, Maryland. Student: After three and a half years of studying the Classics, I began to think more about films, which began to enchant me with their possibilities. Whereas in High School, I was interested in philosophy and literature, I began to believe that the Western philosophic tradition was deficient and I spent a lot of private time, searching for a more satisfying point of view.

1960-1963 CALHOUN HIGH SCHOOL, North Merrick, New York. Student: In tenth grade, I began experimentation with “Beat” poetry, where I was influenced by Allen Ginsburg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Gregory Curso. By 11th grade, I had discovered classical literature and learned how to write metered verse in all forms, including classical sonnets. Simultaneously, was exposed to the Neo-classical poets and W.B. Yeats. After undertaking a study of plays, ranging from the Ancient Greeks (Aeschylus, Sophocles, Aristophanes) to Elizabethan to modern theater, I undertook to write contemporary plays in Neo-Classical verse. It was probably by virtue of this route, rather than my grades, that permitted my acceptance in St. John’s College, which specialized in a classics program based on the Great Books. During High School, I completed “Hal- A Study of the Earth Cycle,” a play about a child messiah; “The Shaman of Hickory Hall,” a Civil War story about Slavery and made substantial progress in a science fiction verse play called, “The Prince of Scavengers.” First two plays had songs I wrote, with music by Sam Burton. I also completed a book of poetry called “Sacred Blasphemies and Profane Recollections.”

*In some Testimonials, owing to my professional title in certain freelance writing sites, I am referred to a “movie writer.”