For most of my adult life, I have been a dramatist and a broadcaster. I also have been intensely involved in promoting individuals and businesses. I also have mentored performance elements for actors and singers in my own projects. I think this is why I can bring some special expertise into speechwriting.

Speech writing is a platform for performance just like a screenplay or a stage play script. It needs to customize the script to the desired “stage personality” of the speaker. Now in many cases- and in some cases, preferable- the speaker is just trying to amplify the natural way he speaks to a larger audience. This is not always the easiest thing to pull off, particularly if the person is new to speaking to audiences. The trick is to each person to embolden a bit the way he is speaking and his gestures. Speaking to the audience is not the same as chatting to a few friends in a living room.

But there are times when a person intentionally wants to create a “stage  personae” – for instance, someone presenting a highly humorous speech; or someone who is into a very forceful presentation- like a highly charged political speech- or a person giving a eulogy where the performance has to be tasteful and just the right tone.

My efforts in speechwriting is to customize the speech to the topic and the personality- and, if the person needs it, to practice it with me remotely. This is only necessary if the person needs it. But for some, even polished speakers, their speech does not just include writing – but some additional research.

Sometimes I will be modifying a text. Sometimes I will be reviewing past speeches to capture the right tone for an entirely new speech. And sometimes I will need to work intensively with the client to research, write, and perform the speech.

It is all good. I like to write speeches and work with clients.

We do the following projects

  • Keynote speech

  • Motivational Speech

  • Speech for a Social Club

  • High-Level Officer or Manager Addressing Company or Staff

  • Graduation Speech

  • Political Speech

  • Author Talking about Book Topic

  • Scholarly Speech for University or Organization

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Mark Butland – speaker, trainer, professor, author, owner of Butland Communications, Inc., Austin, TX USA said this about my work:

“Johnny Blue Star was remarkable. I had a tough project and little time. He quickly found my voice and a direction that was right on target. He really helped me understand all the help he could provide. Then Johnny listened, and we collaborate like we had been working together for years. If you want professional, timely, colorful writing, He’s your best bet. He added depth, clarity and humor to the speech script I had been struggling with. If you need a strong speech writer, I can recommend Johnny to you.”

This is what Chris Curran, a National Speaker, said about my work:

As a professional speaker, as is common in the industry, I sometimes work with speechwriters to perfect the delivery of my ideas. As I have developed certain skills of over the years, it is very important that the speech be absolutely tailored exactly to my method of delivery. I am very picky about this and I have never been fully satisfied with most of the writers I work with- because of my concern that the final product meets certain standards. My standards. Since I am actually someone who delivers the speech and knows what they want, I have to “try out” the speech and go over it many times. There are two things that I love about Johnny Blue Star’s work. 1) He aims to please better than anyone I have ever worked with. He actually cares about what he’s doing and, most importantly, what I want. 2) He desires to do the job well, does it with enthusiasm, but also wants to turn it around in a short period of time.

A client from South Africa said about her keynote speech:

 Johnny is a consummate professional in every regard. He is open to input and when, revisions are requested he sees the changes through to completion. He is extremely creative and puts effort into further research on the content required forthe brief. Johnny is thorough, polished and takes the brief to heart. I am delighted with the outcome and would highly recommend his services!

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