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  • Business Prospectus and Proposal Bios

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  • Profiles for Book Sleeves for Authors

  • Bios for Pamphlets and Flyers

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Marcus Hart

Host • Podcast • Radio • TV •
Advertising Transform U!
Media Broadcast Network

It’s very easy just to say a person’s heart is in the right place when you work with them and then not point out exactly what went right specifically. Therefore, Johnny’s dedication and pride in my project warrant specific examples.

1. Initial contact – There was no pressure buying experience, he asked specific questions in a matter that showed he wanted to bring intuitive solutions to help you shine in the best light. He ensured there was a phone call along with a social media messages. Therefore, making communication clear and direct.

2. Be fairly negotiated, quoted, and serviced rendered – Compared to what you will find in the industry Johnny is eager to help and price you at a budget that won’t break the bank. Not cheap which reflects quality, but not expensive. I was grateful for plan he installed for the invoice timeline which also didn’t mean I had to wait on seeing work being done. Johnny was rendering service on day 1 and produced evidence of it once I paid the invoice which wasn’t until after the day of actual service

3. Johnny demonstrates knowledge and experience – Johnny’s knowledge and experience was highlighted in the interview. He asked all the right questions to provoke me to think deeply. I had never been challenged like this before. Having even provided the questions beforehand it really pushed me to another level and helped uncover some places within myself and business that I still want to work on. This is true journalism and witty knowledge that require concentrated effort. My project was 3 parts and Johnny was up to the tasks and had answers on how to guide it by directing it. He specifically recommended breaks in between recording, transition questions, and introduction statements that enhanced the show.

4. Over delivery, follow up and quality – I haven’t received the final project because I just gave him back the last video back after weeks, but his temperament with me and follow up was beyond the scope of customer service and outside what any body would want to do which warrants him 100% grade A on delivery AMA quality. Johnny is passionate. The promo videos I did see and graphic design work that I can speak to reflects this. The promo videos has great use of images and music, he put together a very captivating script that spoke to the contents of the interview we did. I recommend Johnny ask he will definitely help you take a deeper insight into yourself on the interview and help you with connecting with your audience.

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