A business book details your own start-up story, how the business operates and the key lessons you may have learned to bring financial and personal success by opening this business. Ultimately, almost any business can be the foundations for a business book.

Here are a few examples with made-up titles
  • How I Mastered the Insurance Game

  • Why I Love Life as a Zoo-Keeper

  • Building and Managing a Legal Firm

  • Ayurvedic Medicine and Me

  • The Science of Collecting Art

  • How I Created 20 Best-Selling Books

  • Poker- My Addiction is My Profession

  • Becoming A Specialist in Detoxification


I have worked on a variety of non-fiction books, including books that focused on client businesses. My way of working is somewhat described in the testimonials below.

The first thing I try to do is identify the purpose of the book. Is it to increase your client base? Is it to generate sales for a particular product or line of products? Did you hit one or more home runs in your business? Do you want to explain the ingredients of those successes? Do you want someone to join your business as a partner or franchisee? Whatever the reason, the style and focus of the book need to be adapted to your choice.

In my opinion, the first thing you need to do is create a decent outline. In my opinion, this book, which also serves as a kind of prestigious business card, should not be too long and the chapters should be short and impactful in regard to coherently presenting the various elements of the business. If possible, the book can unfold as a kind of story- explaining somewhat sequentially the steps you took to build the business and how you learned to streamline or customize the various elements of the business.

In most cases, the story of the business is also your story. And telling something of your story, including personal elements not directly involved in your business, can be important. The reader may be interested in the business, but he will also be interested in who you actually are.

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My actual way of working with clients is described in the testimonials below.


Chris Curran had this to say regarding his newly published book:

The Magic of Referrals: I am a professional speaker, focused primarily on the subject regarding sales, motivation, and personal development and, towards that end, I have had Johnny help me with a few of my speeches. Since I liked his work, I asked him to help me edit my book, rewriting portions of it for clarity of direction and consistency of style. The book was about a certain area of sales. I will have to tell you that what I provided him to start on the book was not a very good representation of what I wanted or what I wanted to communicate. I even questioned whether it would work as a book. But what can I say? In the exact same way, as he helped me shape my speeches, he managed to shape this book in exactly the right way. He helped me set a tone in the book that I simply couldn’t find before I hired him. The final result was a work, which flowed quite nicely and communicated all that I hoped for. I can’t say it was easy because, to find out what I intended, he questioned me on various occasions to check on what I meant. He then went through the whole book multiple times, checking everything from the title to the dedication to the appendix at the end. I don’t know if my book will hit the bestsellers’ list, but I do know that Johnny helped me create the best book that I could.”

A buyer said this about his two published books I helped him develop as a ghostwriter, one which was published over a year ago another has just been released:

“This is my second project with Johnny Blue Star. This project contains a very large manuscript and multiple publicity items- including press releases, website content, interview, blogs, and potentially other items. As usual, Johnny over-delivered on this project, bringing in a large but incisive and entertaining manuscript about a highly provocative subject. Our relationship has always involved continual communication and some rather tight deadlines. Not only is the writing on the highest possible level, but the attempt to understand and produce originating research based on content has always been there to. Johnny is a multi-media content developer and I would recommend him for a wide latitude of projects.”

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