We do a wide range of commercial podcasts. These podcasts are mainly aimed at promoting a person’s profession and/or their company. Here are just a few example of the types of professions and companies we have promoted.

  • Author

  • Attorney

  • Medical Doctor

  • Hearing Specialist

  • Singer/Songwriter

  • Motivational Speaker

  • YouTube Host

  • Prison Doctor

  • Therapist

  • Mindfulness Expert

Here are promos for a few of our different podcast shows:





COMMERCIAL PODCASTS 30-60-second ads in program plus other advertising products. 60 minutes The Following channels
Archived in YouTube:
Inalienable and Free
New Galaxy Broadcasting
New Galaxy Business
On Higher Ground
Threshold Radio
$ 1500


Lawrence R. Berger
Motivational Speaker at Lawrence Berger
August 15, 2019

Johnny is an AWESOME Promoter and Radio Personality! We did a great interview and he put together a fantastic video promotion that included my published books and a lot of information on how I do what I do.

Paula Lenz
Author: Driving Into Infinity: Living With My Brother’s Spirit
August 13, 2019

I highly recommend listening to Threshold Radio hosted by Johnny Blue Star. His shows are fantastic and offer “food for thought” and introduces to listeners a new way to view our world and the Universe. Threshold Radio is a radio talk show that intimates personal connection to a Higher Power is is the most profitable way of being connected to your life, your destiny and to the Source whose purpose is embodied in the nature of things. I enjoyed being a guest on one of his shows as I discussed my experiences noted in my book Driving Into Infinity: Living With My Brother’s Spirit.

Michael Priv
Independent Insurance Field Adjuster l Property Claims I Xactimate Estimator I Published Author I Screen Play Writer
July 9, 2019

Johnny interviewed me three times on his show and he made it interesting, easy and fun. He is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. His insights definitely helped with propelling the show along. Even after the show in a follow-up Johnny was very helpful and open in sharing his promotional experienced. Getting noticed is tough. Great to have Johnny Blue Star out there. I highly recommend Johnny as the podcast host and possibly for other promotional projects.

Patricia Welch
Professional Singer
September 3, 2016

Johnny Blue Star and I go back several years. We have collaborated on music projects with Russian film composer Edgar Arens. We are presently working on some very unique musical compositions. Johnny Blue Star is very creative and easy to work with. His writing skills surpass the typical and exceed the extraordinary. It has been a pleasure to work with Johnny on past projects and I look forward to many more musical creations with him.

Angie F.A.T.E.
Family Life Coach/Motivational Speaker
March 5, 2020

Johnny Blue STAR where can I begin, he was such an amazing person to work with! Now out of all my interviews that I’ve had, I have to admit this one was the best one of them all. He made me feel so comfortable in our interview that I forgot we were even in one, it was a smooth transition from one topic to the next. He is very clear on what he is going to do, how he is going to do it, and the time frame is impeccable. I would recommend Johnny Blue STAR to everybody he is just an AMAZING soul!

Karen Gedney MD ‘Dr.G’
Author/Speaker/Advocate for Prison Reform
February 4, 2020

I found Johnny Blue Star to far surpass my expectations in putting together a video to introduce my interview I did with him regarding my views on prison reform as a prison physician who did 30 years behind bars. He’s a talk show host and a producer and content developer for business and I found his interviewing skills and his understanding of the subject matter impressive. I would highly recommend him if you want to get your message out as I did and didn’t know who to ask and how to do it. I want to be recognized not only as a thought leader in prison reform, I also want people to be interested in my memoir, ’30 Years Behind Bars’ and I felt he certainly was the person to do it. He is passionate about empowering and helping people who want to make the world better, safer and fairer.

Consolee Nishimwe
Motivational Speaker/ Author / Women’s Rights Advocate / Genocide Survivor
January 21, 2020

I recently did an interview with Johnny. He was an amazing host. He allowed me to share my story with his audience. I thank him so much.

Kristin Petrucci CPP
Resource Provider at iMpactUtah
December 10, 2019

I had a wonderful time working with Johnny. He is very professional and gave me the opportunity to share my story in a forum very unique and exciting. He really promoted me well and made me feel like a rock star. He has such an amazing voice for radio and podcasts and has very insightful questions and is well prepared. His work is of high quality and I found him to be innovative and engaged in every process of the project. If you have an opportunity to be a guest on Johnny’s new podcast I say, go for it! It is an amazing opportunity!

Teresa Barnes, RN
Hearing Awareness Business Expert|Podcast Producer|Virtual Trainer|Author
November 28, 2019

I highly recommend Johnny of New Galaxy Enterprises, Inc. He set me up with an interview with Dr. Hugo Rodier for the “Integrative Hermetic Health Show”. Johnny was then supportive, encouraging, detailed, professional, and awesome in getting the final product done in YouTube Format. Thank you, Johnny, for a positive message that many need to hear as hearing loss affects every interaction, our health, and even wealth. Many in the workforce receive poor job performance reviews when it’s nothing more than unaccommodated, misunderstood, unseen, and stigmatized hearing loss. Johnny’s efforts and Dr. Rodier’s will help more people become aware of this social and health issue. Thank You, Johnny Blue Star.

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