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We help authors create, enhance or refine non-fiction books, memoirs, novels. For authors involved in collaboration projects, we offer Print-On-Demand and ebook publishing services and the possibility of developing a robust author’s platform to promote the work in webinars, speaking bureaus, phone or Internet conferences in conjunction with an ongoing social networking campaign to promote the book. In certain cases, we will develop screenplay adaptations, stand-alone screenplays and documentaries, film and book multi-part franchise packages.


A collaboration means that your initial investment will be returned to you out of the first proceeds from selling the project on an agreed-upon timetable. . This will happen before the 50-50 split will occur. I will be involved in the sale of the project as well as the writing of it. This may include the creation of inquiry letters to a prospective publisher, a book presentation- including synopsis, sample chapters, authors’ bio and letter of introduction, etc. and other material needed by the publisher- or a sales page to sell the book, website content, press releases- etc. Other elements like a log-line, synopsis, treatment, etc. would be used to promote the sale of the screenplay, including my own personal interaction with producers, productions companies, studios, etc. As a 50-50 collaboration, these writing services will be provided without extra charge in our agreement.

I have developed a company, New Galaxy Enterprises, Inc., specifically for leveraging my clients into production, publication and/or distribution of their products. I am particularly interested in book and film packages and specialize in film and book (multi-part) franchise projects. I also help create specialized promotional projects to this end, as well as other freelance writing projects. Testimonials below. Both of these are film and book trilogies. We also can do standalone one book and one film package.


These are samples of products offered to investor/collaborators.
The Shadow Dancers has already been taken.

Both of the products below are samples of products for which I am seeking active investors. A Season for Flight is projected to be a musical animation film and book franchise. Wagman versus the The Flying Saucers is still open to a qualified active collaborator/investor.