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The difference between the audio and video experience is that the former demands the audience’s imagination and video demands much less. Still, a lot of the attraction of audio these days is simply because one is driving or doing chores and one cannot really focus on a video monitor. Still, the fundamental use of video over the last several decades- with its monumental upgrading of video effects and audio components- puts a little more demand on the audio producer. In my case, I created several science fiction series, one in the seventies and one in the nineties, long after the golden years of radio were over with. These early efforts demanded that I go out on the street and find advertisers locally. In the second series, I had already worked with some national advertisers and I combined their advertising with local ones. The second series was for children and had listeners, mostly in grade school and junior high, actually interact with an ongoing adventure and win prizes, prizes which were sometimes associated with advertisers. For quite a number of years, in between these two series, I worked for a popular rock station in Coachella, a Hispanic station that aired from the same studio as the rock station- and a news station. The experience I had with advertisers was very broad. The fact is, unlike many of my colleagues in sales, I loved to do street canvassing and I loved to create my own advertising. Later on, I was fortunate enough to be able to experience a very deep desire of mine to produce and host my own talk shows, which had both national and local advertisers. As always, I helped produce, write, direct and sometimes act in these voice overs. I still love creating audio although I now have a lot of experience with working with video. The creation of audio has a special dependency on the imagination of the creator as well as the listener and I am still captivated by its potential.

We do the following projects:
  • Radio and Podcast Commercials

  • Background Sound Effects and Music

  • Dramatic Pilots or Audio Segments

  • Directing Actors and Singers in Audio Productions

  • Podcasts and Audio Segments for Webcasts

  • Pilot Podcasts or Components for Submission to Networks or Stations

  • Helping to Create Audio for Voice Over Actors Commercials and Auditions

  • Public Service Announcements

Audio Portfolio
ADVERTISING SPOT PRODUCED Radio Script, Sound Effects, Music30 seconds 60 seconds Infomercial, Multiple Voices, Drama, Comedy $150


AUDIO EDITING Podcasts, Radio Show, Online Interview, Music Mastering, Audio FX To specifications Noise Reduction, Removing Unnecessary Parts, Audio Restoration, Audio Effects, Audio Mastering etc Customized quote

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Lawrence R. Berger
Motivational Speaker at Lawrence Berger
August 15, 2019

Johnny is an AWESOME Promoter and Radio Personality! We did a great interview and he put together a fantastic video promotion that included my published books and a lot of information on how I do what I do.

Paula Lenz
Author: Driving Into Infinity: Living With My Brother’s Spirit
August 13, 2019

I highly recommend listening to Threshold Radio hosted by Johnny Blue Star. His shows are fantastic and offer “food for thought” and introduces to listeners a new way to view our world and the Universe. Threshold Radio is a radio talk show that intimates personal connection to a Higher Power is is the most profitable way of being connected to your life, your destiny and to the Source whose purpose is embodied in the nature of things. I enjoyed being a guest on one of his shows as I discussed my experiences noted in my book Driving Into Infinity: Living With My Brother’s Spirit.

Michael Priv
Independent Insurance Field Adjuster l Property Claims I Xactimate Estimator I Published Author I Screen Play Writer
July 9, 2019

Johnny interviewed me three times on his show and he made it interesting, easy and fun. He is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. His insights definitely helped with propelling the show along. Even after the show in a follow-up Johnny was very helpful and open in sharing his promotional experienced. Getting noticed is tough. Great to have Johnny Blue Star out there. I highly recommend Johnny as the podcast host and possibly for other promotional projects.

Patricia Welch
Professional Singer
September 3, 2016

Johnny Blue Star and I go back several years. We have collaborated on music projects with Russian film composer Edgar Arens. We are presently working on some very unique musical compositions. Johnny Blue Star is very creative and easy to work with. His writing skills surpass the typical and exceed the extraordinary. It has been a pleasure to work with Johnny on past projects and I look forward to many more musical creations with him.

Angie F.A.T.E.
Family Life Coach/Motivational Speaker
March 5, 2020

Johnny Blue STAR where can I begin, he was such an amazing person to work with! Now out of all my interviews that I’ve had, I have to admit this one was the best one of them all. He made me feel so comfortable in our interview that I forgot we were even in one, it was a smooth transition from one topic to the next. He is very clear on what he is going to do, how he is going to do it, and the time frame is impeccable. I would recommend Johnny Blue STAR to everybody he is just an AMAZING soul!

Karen Gedney MD ‘Dr.G’
Author/Speaker/Advocate for Prison Reform
February 4, 2020

I found Johnny Blue Star to far surpass my expectations in putting together a video to introduce my interview I did with him regarding my views on prison reform as a prison physician who did 30 years behind bars. He’s a talk show host and a producer and content developer for business and I found his interviewing skills and his understanding of the subject matter impressive. I would highly recommend him if you want to get your message out as I did and didn’t know who to ask and how to do it. I want to be recognized not only as a thought leader in prison reform, I also want people to be interested in my memoir, ’30 Years Behind Bars’ and I felt he certainly was the person to do it. He is passionate about empowering and helping people who want to make the world better, safer and fairer.

Consolee Nishimwe
Motivational Speaker/ Author / Women’s Rights Advocate / Genocide Survivor
January 21, 2020

I recently did an interview with Johnny. He was an amazing host. He allowed me to share my story with his audience. I thank him so much.

Kristin Petrucci CPP
Resource Provider at iMpactUtah
December 10, 2019

I had a wonderful time working with Johnny. He is very professional and gave me the opportunity to share my story in a forum very unique and exciting. He really promoted me well and made me feel like a rock star. He has such an amazing voice for radio and podcasts and has very insightful questions and is well prepared. His work is of high quality and I found him to be innovative and engaged in every process of the project. If you have an opportunity to be a guest on Johnny’s new podcast I say, go for it! It is an amazing opportunity!

Teresa Barnes, RN
Hearing Awareness Business Expert|Podcast Producer|Virtual Trainer|Author
November 28, 2019

I highly recommend Johnny of New Galaxy Enterprises, Inc. He set me up with an interview with Dr. Hugo Rodier for the “Integrative Hermetic Health Show”. Johnny was then supportive, encouraging, detailed, professional, and awesome in getting the final product done in YouTube Format. Thank you, Johnny, for a positive message that many need to hear as hearing loss affects every interaction, our health, and even wealth. Many in the workforce receive poor job performance reviews when it’s nothing more than unaccommodated, misunderstood, unseen, and stigmatized hearing loss. Johnny’s efforts and Dr. Rodier’s will help more people become aware of this social and health issue. Thank You, Johnny Blue Star.

Hasan Khan and I have been virtual team members on a very important, complex project and I can honestly say it’s been a real pleasure to watch the magic he performs with the presentation, once I’ve supplied the voice over. Anyone would be very fortunate to work with him and watch their project come to life. He’s a truly talented and dedicated team player!

David Gavin, Owner of David Gavin Voice Over

Shariful Hasan Khan has done some great video work for me! Very fast turn around and will make sure the job is done to your liking. 🙂

Holly Hierman, CEO of Fit Finances

Shariful did a fantastic job on the video I hired him to do. He was fast, professional, and returned communication instantly. When does this guy sleep?! Great job!!

Shawn Harris, Opie Productions

“Great provider.. Very good communication, hard worker.. Pleased with work. Again, if you’re reading this and looking to hire – as with any job on Odesk… make sure you are clear with what you want.. Then good people like Hasan will deliver what you ask for. I’ve been very impressed while working with him. Not only was he phenomenal during the project – months later when we had questions, he quickly responded to help us. Stand up guy and someone I will recommend to others and hire again.”

Daryl Urbanski, CEO, Best Business Coach

“Has been using Shariful for past few video editing projects. He is professional and adhere to deadline. Love working with him. Keep it up, my friend.”

Eng Peh, CEO, Lion Multimedia Limited, Singapore

“I had some good Experiences with the team of OpaqueLand and Hasan Khan. i have started my media career as actor working with them and working with them on their post production studio. Their passion and creativity is upto the level. i would be happy to contact them when i need them. Good Luck guys!!”

Jibon Roy, Actor & Model, Bangladesh Media

“Shariful did some jobs for me on video edting and animation.he is also good at photo editing.he has been one of my best contractor since i met him. he is very professional and time bound worker for which i call him WIZARD. he is also expert in PC troubleshooting. i got some help from him. i wish he will be a good contractor and Artist in his way of life. i wish him all the best.”

Rudolf Briksza, CEO at KLO media

“From the very beginning of Opaquelnad Multimedia Solution I was acquainted with the mastermind CEO of Opaqueland, Shariful Hasan Khan. I am really very privileged, happy and pleased for being a client of Opaqeland Multimedia Solution. It is Opaueland which makes us (BANG! Sparking Dancers of BAU) a nationwide famous dancing group by providing fabulous cinematography, video editing and mastering.  Client Satisfaction lies in the core of heart of Opaqueland Multimedia Solution. Friendly and cordial behavior of every member of this company really enchanted me. Every member, especially Shariful Hasan Khan is well equipped with excellent graphic designing, cinematography and video editing skills. Undoubtedly, Opaqueland provided me and others internationally standard service and that’s why it’s finished work always give me immense pleasure. In one sentence I would like to say, Opaqueland is very much efficient to make a ordinary work a unique one through its creative and innovative solution.”

Tanmoy Kumar Ghose, Founder Member, BANG - Sparking Dancers of BAU

“Shariful Hasan is very inquisitive about modern technology and always ready to learn things which he really prefer. He is very smart and efficient in technology work.”

Nawshad Rehan Rasha, Software Engineer, SQA at Therap Services, LLC

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